Wedding portfolio Basic, nicely finished and budget friendly

Our wedding portfolio Basic by Posi-Tief is a stylish presentation for small wedding parties. If you are planning only to have a legal wedding this will be a good way to go.

Wedding portfolio Basic will appeal to the imagination!

Our Basic formula is a budget friendly way to lavish yourself to an original Posi-Tief wedding album. It will bring you the short story of your special day.

We will deliver a small digital (21x21cm) printed album in a wooden box. The lay out of the images will be the same as the bigger options, so this is a really stylish option for your budget friendly wedding party.

The album has about 100 images, presented in a unique and original way. the album is of high quality and firm. it will give you a lot of enjoyment for years to come.

As an extra you will gain entrance to a locked part of this website where you can watch your images, even on a big screen. Next to that I will also present a dynamic AniMovie.

This Animovie will showcast the best images of your day with nice music to go along with it. It will be fun to watch when you have friends and family over for a post-wedding drink. During this time I’m working to get your album “pico bello” delivered a few months after your wedding day.

Time to start the production of your wedding portfolio

Your personal taste and opinion is very important to me when creating your album. I will use your prefered images to lay the basics of your future album. Don’t worry you can do all this with an easy online tool. You can do this from the comfort of your own house (provided you have internet of course 🙂 )

About a week after you’ve selected your favourite images, I will send you the first draft of the album (digitally). Then we’ll start a little game of ping pong, untill you’re completely satisfied with the results.

The features of Wedding portfolio Basic lined up!

  • Digital album 21 x 21 cm with personalized cover
  • Presented in a wooden box
  • about a 100 images delivered,
  • access to the locked part of our website to watch your images and communicate about your preferences and for a game of ping pong 🙂
  • AniMovie

The Wedding portfolio Basic is a smart choice for a smaller budget or small wedding party!

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