Wedding picture on acrylic plate, playing around with colours

You’ve made a decision and you’re not going to change your mind. Your wedding picture deserves a prominent place in your house, because It will be the eye-catcher in your living room! A picture printed on acrylic is a very hip way to go.

Your picture on acrylic is an eyecatcher

At Posi-Tief you have a variety of choices for decorations made with your wedding picture. You may like a classical canvas  or one of our many other options. Something very unique is  a picture printed on a acrylic plate.  We’ll enlarge your pictures and keep top quality. Afterwards we’ll glue  to the plate which will provide a very dynamic effect.   The plate is easy in maintenance. just go over it with a damp cloth and you’re done. When mounted on the wall, the acrylic plate floats about 1cm off the wall, hence creating a special effect of shadows and colours.

Three ways to go with your wedding picture.

Using a special technique we can play around with the whites in the image. As a result we’ll be able to obtain a very artistic effect. Let’s go over how this works.

White colours are printed as is (standard)

We print the picture in ultra high quality on the plate. There is a possibility to leave the edges of the print tranparent or let the picture run to the edges.

 Accentuate White Colours (Full White)

A white film is printed over the picture, consequently this accentuates the white colours in the image. Of course this is particularly nice in wedding pictures since most brides will wear white dresses.  If you choose to accentuate the whites, The edges of the frame will also be white.

No whites

We print all colours except for the whites. We advice to mount this acrylic option on a white wall. As a result there is a special 3D effect. I bet your house gets will get a closer look, when the see this 😉 .

Properties of picture on acrylic:

  • Acrylic plate 5 mm
  • Image print on the back of the plate
  • 3 options for printing the whites.
  • holders for mounting delivered with plate. Plate floats 1 cm off the wall for special shadoweffects.

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