Your wedding menu: nice food, great taste!

You’ve chosen everything about your wedding day with care. From your future spouse 🙂 to the socks the groom will wear. Every detail is carefully thought through. You’ve chosen a theme and it’s good to continue that theme throughout your whole day. This could be monograms, colours, flowers or some inside joke that defines you as a couple. Of course it would also be a good idea to use this theme in your wedding menu cards. You can go anyway you want with this, minimalistic, modern, romantic or “très chique” :-). Either way your wedding day will be picture perfect! Just like the two of you!

Personalized wedding menu fits in!

First of all we need to get some great images of you two. The perfect way to do just that, is go on a love shoot. At Posi-Tief we can create your very own wedding menu card. We can use images we’ve made during the loveshoot and present them in an original way on your wedding menu card. This will be one step on your way to a wedding theme.  We can also use those pictures for table seating plans, Save-the-date-cards, invitations or even a truly personal guestbook!

We can provide your menu cards in photopaper (only recto) or in classical print (recto/verso)  to add this unique element to you reception tables.

Your guests will surely appreciate the personal touch to the table. After the party they can also take the menu home with them as a memento of your special day. That way they will also relive this wonderful day, dinner and party, with good food and a lot of (new) friends.

To make everything fit together seamlessly, it may be a good idea to also look into gettting matching invitations or a beautiful guestbook.

Enjoy your meal and party!

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