Wedding images on Dibond are ideal for your modern interior

Hyper tight, modern and timeless. That is the best description for wedding images on dibond. People who believe less is more will surely get excited about our dibond options.  Dibond is no nonsense, just a straight forward way to present your wedding images.

Wedding images on Dibond plate: how it works

Your images are printed super sharp on top quality paper. Afterwards the image is stuck on a fine metal plate. We also laminate it,  to protect the precious picture. Dirt, dust and UV rays will not damage the picture and the colour stays stable. That way your images on dibond are also easy to clean. Just gently rub a moist cloth over it and done!

At the back, a metal frame will hold the plate. Your dibond hangs invisibly and will seem to float about a centimetre off the wall.  This will provide a very special and modern effect. Next to that, with the right lighting, it will provide a nice shadoweffect on the images which creates depth.

Your favourite images will shine in your house. Modern couples will surely go for this. It is timeless and will be beautiful for years to come.

Properties of prints on Dibond.

  • sizes in between 20x30cm to 100x150cm
  • 3 mm plate
  • Images glued on the plate and laminated afterwards to protect against dirt and UV rays, so colours stay stable.
  • Easy cleaning
  • Attach to the wall with a metal frame on the back of the plate. Hangs invisibly and creates a nice floating effect about 1 cm off the wall.


Posi-Tief  also has a lot of other creative and beautiful possibilities to process your images. Of course these will make perfect gifts for parents or bridal party.

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