When photographing a wedding details are important!

Wedding photography: a job or an artform?

Of course wedding photography is a matter of professional skills and knowledge. Light, framing, shutterspeed, aperture are important things to learn about when becoming a photographer. Next to that there is also the technical range of the camera and postproduction software you have at your disposal. Once you get the hang of all this it is also important to have a creative view on the world around you. With all this knowledge, I can create some awesome photos of your wedding details too. I also like to think photography runs in your blood. I’ve been interested in photography since I was a teenager, not so long ago 🙂

I do believe every photographer who manages the technical aspect, can take a photo of your wedding day. I am convinced that when shooting details are very important. You have looked for your suit or dress very carefully. It had to be just perfect! Also other details were important, your flowers, invitations, the decorations in church or at the table. You choose them wisely!

Looking for your wedding photographer is just the same. You should first of all like the work your photographer is presenting. Secondly you and your photographer should also “click”. At the end of the day he will be there close to you the whole day, and should also be invested in your wedding details.

Since emotional photography and storytelling are important aspects in my work, I notice all the details, the material ones, but also the emotional ones. When browsing through your weddingalbum, afterwards you will again be touched by all the beautiful images and lasting memories.

Wedding details start with a creative perspective

As a professional photographer, with a lot of experience under his belt I can sense when special moments will happen. That way I’m able to catch a lot of details. Wedding photography is a very social job, working with people and their emotions, especially on a day like that.

Make sure you choose wisely, go for an experienced wedding photographer as Posi-Tief, like me, make sure you “click” and amazing things will happen!