Your photographer will create fantastic images of your wedding ceremony

Your wedding photographer will follow you around all day, not to miss anything happening that day. Sounds irritating?? No, no it’ll be fine, you almost won’t notice I’m there. I’m sneaking around and hunting for truly spontaneous and emotional shots. Especially during the wedding ceremony I try to be as discrete as possible.

Wedding photographer sneaking around during the wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony is a moment to contemplate and reflect about your love for each other. Therefore I feel it is important for me as a photographer to be quiet and almost invisble. which is pretty hard if you know I’m 1,98m (6ft6) tall 🙂

I am very well acquainted with ceremonial etiquette so I know how to behave during ceremony. It gives you and your guests the possibility to fully enjoy this moment. You can be sure your wedding photographer will be discrete and serene. Professionalism is a core value for Posi-tief Photography.

A professional photographer can smell an emotional moment from a mile away.

Through a lot of experience and a trained eye I can perfectly sense when tears will roll and when a supportive wink wil appear. That is when I press my button. The moment will be forever yours to watch over and over again.

Next to the ‘I Do’s’ and the vows I also catch the emotional responses of your friends and family. Speeches and nice overview pictures will also be on my agenda. I truly enjoy looking for these special moments.

Intuition, experience and professionalism help me as a wedding photographer to anticipate beautiful, funny and teary moments. that way you can relive them over and over again.

One week before the big day we will meet up (skype) for the final preparation. We will talk about what is important to you in live. This will help me to really get in touch with you, your family and friends.

before we get the party started, you and your partner usually will go with me on location for your portraits. This is the only time during the day, it is just the two of you – and me of course :-). There, I will give you the opportunity to have some time together, in which I also try to be as invisible as possible. I feel this gives me the opportunity to shoot spontaneous moments between you two.

After the official part(s) of the day, it’ll be high time to start celebrating.