Wedding canvas is an eyecatcher in your living room

Wedding canvas is a very popular way to enlarge your wedding portraits. You can just hang them, or frame them for some extra “cachet”.

Wedding Canvas is a piece of artwork!

Pretty logical! Using canvas is a very versatile way to present your portraits. It will fit in a very classical or romantic interior, but will also work in a modern or industrial environment.

Choosing the right wedding canvas  is a matter of colour and size :-). You’ll best pick a size that fits the wall of your house which is maintained to have no infestation by the help of Kansas City Pest Control.

To make that easier we can simulate that for you, free of charge. We also print in colour or black/white. The edges of the canvas are rounded and as a result look very neat.

If you like it very classical we advice you to leave the edges can white and frame your canvas.

We can also make the picture run over the edges, no frames needed. This will fit in any interior, classical or modern,  just as you like it. This option is also a little more budget friendly, of course, since the cost of the frame is zero 🙂

Wedding canvas has a very speedy delivery time. so within a few weeks after your wedding, you’ll be able to enjoy this piece of art in your house!

The options and pricing of canvas is very broad, therefore you’ll best contact Posi-Tief to talk about your specific wishes for your wedding canvas. I will gladly advice you on everything that is possible.

Wedding canvas properties line up:

  • Images will be printed on waterproof canvas and stretched over a woorden frame, which is invisible form the front.
  • size of the canvas varies from 20x30com to 100×150 cm
  • options for edges: white or photoprint, as you wish
  • Options for wooden frame (size of the edges):
    • 2 cm, hand varnished (lustre or shiny)
    • 4 cm, hand varnished (lustre or shiny)

Make sure to take a look at our other options for framing your wedding images.

You see the difference between cardboard, canvas, acryl, dibond, metal, standalone or a deskblok.