Wedding calendar to plan out the first year of your marriage

The images of your wedding are stunning! Presenting them in different ways is a good way to enjoy them. The first year after your wedding, a wedding calendar is an awesome idea.

Wedding calendar will be your original gift to each other or family and friends

The images of your wedding will serve different purposes. Of course we’ll create an awesome wedding album, telling the story of your day. Next to that there are a lot of options to make special presents for your family or yourself. A wedding calendar is a original way to present your pictures. Every month you’ll see an new image of your most beautiful day. Both year calendars and birthday calendars are possibilities.

Enjoy your wedding images in a personalized wedding calendar!

A personalized wedding calendar also is a practical and original thank you gift. Your parents, family and friends will be really excited about this! They will want this gadget in their living room or at their desk at work. Every month they will be able to display a new picture, and they’ll also be able to select the images and layout themselves, since we print them to order. This will give you the opportunity to make your gifts super personal. Your grandparents will like to have pictures of the family and the happy couple. Your friends may prefer party pictures. No problem whatsoever, since we print the wedding calendar to order and inhouse. That way the calendar can be delivered in record time.

Every wedding calendar is arranged in a variety of layouts, and of course the choice of images is totally yours to make. You will be able to review your calendar digitally before we go to print.

Interested in this beautiful calendar? Just contact me at Posi-Tief and we’ll go over the possibilities.