About Sven Soetens

Of course I, aka Sven Soetens, am passionate about wedding photography! You’ll notice that pretty fast once you meet me and we start talking about photography and weddings.
sven soetens

Curious about who’s on the other side of the lens?

My goal is to get the perfect wedding photo. To achieve that I take on an efficient and professional approach to photography. I will be discrete when hunting for that perfectly beautiful image.

Everybody can take a picture, but to create an image filled with emotion and story telling I need my couple to be comfortable, so we also need to “click”!

behind the photographer Sven Soetens there is also just me, and I would like to introduce myself to you.

Me | Sven Soetens in a nutshell

• Secretly a perfectionist.
When I start something I want it to be good, not haphazardly, but aiming for a result that gets you and me super excited! The sky is the limit but I want to go to space!

• Spontaneous and brutally honest
When chatting to me you’ll know what I’m thinking pretty fast. I don’t like to beat around the bush, and I speak my mind.

• Humorous
I like a good joke. During the shoot I will ask you to do some crazy things. I don’t like stiff and posed photography, I try to look for something quirky in the surrounding area that will add to the story of the picture.

We are all people, and we shouldn’t always take things too seriously. When something funny happens on your day, I will try to catch it and create a beautiful image of it.

• work the body
A wedding shoot is hard work. I try to keep in shape. 3 to 4 times a week I go for a run. It helps me to clear my mind and of course keep fit. It’s not my goal to be the next Usain Bolt, but I like to participate on running competitions such as 10 miles Antwerpen, Midwinternachtrun Gent, Urban Trails, …

• Love my kids, sometimes a kid myself !
I am a proud father and I enjoy spending time with my daughters. It keeps me young and helps me to build trust with the children in your wedding party. Children are always an asset during the wedding shoot. They are always spontaneous and often help create a nice story.

Pet peeves

• posed pictures
but I guess you already knew that 🙂

• amateur photographers posing as professionals.
Photography is an artform, I think everybody should take pictures of their travels, friends and family. But to be honest, not everybody knows all the technical options of their camera and knows how to build a good image, it takes a lot of learning and hours of excercise. I bet you don’t want your wedding photgrapher to just “give it a shot”!

• people who are late or don’t cancel their appointments.
Good agreements make good friends. You can count on me to book your wedding day exclusively for you. I will not take on any other clients on your day. I will be there on time (even early) and I will not leave before the time we agreed on. Can I count on you to do the same?

• raw tomatoes, fish with bones and unpeeled crustaceans

I love to eat good food, as long as these ingredients aren’t on my plate!

I’m active on facebook and Instagram, take a look at my pages, and feel free to follow me.

So, now you got to know me a little bit better. If you want to know more just make an appointment so we can see if we “click”!