Portrait wedding on location, some time together with your brand new husband/wife

In between the ceremony and the party the couple and I usually take some time to go to a nice place to shoot portrait wedding on location. These will later on become the eyecatchers of your wedding album.

The real artsy portrait wedding will be made during locationshoot

Maybe you and your partner have a special spot for the portrait wedding. The place where you first met, the location of your first date, or first kiss. Maybe you like a really romantic location, in nature, or perhaps you prefer an industrial site. If you’re not inspired you can always ask for my expert advice, since I’ve been around some incredible locations, I’m sure we’ll find something to your liking.

People that prefer more modern can choose an abandoned factory building or a train station. Or maybe you like the cranes in the harbor.

For the romantics, a park, castle, forest or lake will surely do the trick.

In the historic city centers there are also a lot of opportunities for different types of photgraphy.

You can start thinking about what you like, in the slideshow there wille be a variety of images to inspire you 🙂

Taking wedding pictures, pure fun!

Beautiful wedding pictures can be made anywhere, as long as we’re having fun creating them. The goal is to make the shoot a time for just the two of you. The rest of the day is pretty busy, so it’s a perfect opportunity to enjoy each others company. Don’t mind the camera, I will take care of the setting, lighting and everything else technical, you should just have a good time together. I will make it an emotional and journalistic pearl.

Here and there I will guide you along the way, most of my clients aren’t professional models 🙂 you will just have to stare into each others eyes, but I guess that will not be too hard to do. At Posi-Tief we don’t take pictures, We create images.