Formal wedding pictures boring? No way!!

Naturally we can’t forget about the formal wedding pictures. But watch out, I’m not into stiff posed pictures, and I guess you aren’t royals, either, although you do deserve royal treatment 😉 . Also this time we’ll make it spontaneous and fun!

Do you prefer not to have boring photogrpahy moments during your day?

I will put your friends and family into action to create some really nice formal wedding pictures. We are aiming to portrait your friends and family how they really are: nice, warm and fun people, maybe some with a little side of crazy. They also want to be photographed just as they are. That’s Posi-Tief vision!!

Prepare to jump, dance, sing and play, because that’s is what I’ll ask of them. They will probably love it and have a lot of fun participating. That is what I want, because this will show in the images. They will shine, just like you two.

We’ll go for big group pictures, but we can do any combination you or your family like. This is the only part of the day in which I will take te lead and be a director.

Formal wedding portraits are fun.

During the formals your friends and family will have a great time. Maybe they have never had their pictures taken and they feel tense about this moment. In my playful and extraverted approach they will soon loosen up and enjoy this time. Undoubtedly people will talk about this moment on parties and gatherings afterwards.

These pictures also make nice thank you gifts for your guests afterwards. You can print them on paper, enlarge them or make a personalised desk accessory for example. There are a lot of possibilities for gifts, One of them will certainly suit your wishes.

Also formal wedding pictures are indispensable in your wedding album they will contribute to reliving the day when you are looking at your album.