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the making of awards wedding photography

In round 41 of the Fearless Awards, the holy grail of awards wedding photography, I did it once more, I got the price!!

awards wedding photography


How does an awards wedding photography work?

Worldwide there are a number of associations for gaming wedding photographers. A few times a year members can send in their best images. Some organisations ask money per image, or put a limit on the number of images you can send in, or categorize the images by theme.

Fearless is (in my modest opinion) one of the federations that aren’t really generous when it comes to handing out awards. That way the quality of the images stays really high and photgraphers are challenged to do their very best. This round 9300 images entered the contest and only 218 got a Fearless award. That means only 2.4% of all entries win.

The making of this image

A lot of people ask me if this is a “lucky shot”. To be completely honest, it partially is… but not completely 🙂 I remember the moment I made the picture as if it was yesterday.

While the couple was exiting the church there were a lot of friends waiting outside to congratulate them. While I was talking to the master of ceremony about the timetable, I noticed somebody handing balloons to the children. I knew right then and there what LoL picture I wanted to make.

While people were moving across my frame I waited patiently for the right time. What I needed was some cooperation of both the wind and the children to position themselves perfectly. I got down on my knees (as usual :-)) because I wanted to get comfortable, so I could wait it out. I started praying to the photogods to help me. Since I was on my knees, and just outside a church, they must have heard me pretty fast :-). I pressed the shutter at the right time and looked at the image on my screen. I got it, it was perfect and I knew immediately this gaming image could get me an award. Since I’m a perfectionist I waited a little while longer in the same position hoping for something else to happen that would make it even more funny, but too bad, that didn’t happen.

Shortly after the wedding I posted this picture on social media. The image got a lot of comments and likes The bride contacted me shortly after the wedding telling me how surprised she was that some many “international photographers” appreciated the picture. I explained to her the picture had humour and simplicity, Less is definitely more… 🙂