“I don’t take pictures, I create images.”

Why Posi-Tief exists:

Sven Soetens’ goal is to capture your wedding in a journalistic and emotional way. That way your wedding day will be the start of a fantastic life together!

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Because everybody deserves a beautiful wedding shoot

Wedding photographer wanted for our fantastic wedding day

Yes, I do… want more information about Posi-Tief Wedding photographer!

Congratulations on your wedding plans and welcome on our wedding photog website!

Are you looking for a traditional wedding photographer, that will make classical pictures of your wedding day? Then you should start looking elsewhere. With me you’ll get a very different kind of wedding photography.

If you feel uncomfortable posing for static pictures? Do you want to capture the emotions you, your partner, family and friends experienced that day? Do you like an emotional journalistic style of photography? Sound good? Then you should read on!

I would be very excited to become your wedding photographer and capture your perfect day!

During your wedding I will guide you in a pleasant and easy-going way . Together we’ll make sure that your pictures are a perfect representation of your most beautiful day. You can count on me to capture some truly artistic images.

I’m a fulltime professional wedding photographer therefore I have the necessary skills and technical knowledge to make sure every image will be perfect in colour, contrast and details.

That way your weddingpictures will be radiant, just like you and your partner on the big day. Afterwards you will get to fully enjoy your amazing pictures since we deliver them in a number of original and stylish ways.

Why choose a Posi-Tief wedding photographer ?

All-in formula for a carefree weddingshoot

Our packages include our photgraphing services on your wedding day, the optimalisation of the images and the delivery of a stylish and timeless album.

Creative presentation of your pictures

I attach great importance to the presentation of your wedding day. That is why I always deliver the pictures in an album and also in a digital video animation so you can watch and relive your day on a big screen.

Your very favourite images can be turned into presents for your parents or wedding party. We also deliver big print pictures in a number of materials, these will look gorgeous in your living room.

A professional with international credentials

On your day, you want things to run smoothly. You have been looking forward to this day so you should surround yourself with professionals, who really know what they’re doing.

I take great pride in my work, that is why I try to improve it constantly. There are a number of ways I do that: I never stop educating myself. I participated in numerous photography training and workshops in Belgium and abroad. Also I have a few good photography friends all over the world. all of us discuss our work and look for ways to improve our work. Next to that I try to enter a lot of competitions because it helps me to keep the standards high and compare myself to my weddingphotography- heroes (You know who you are :-))

In addition to all that I try to get out of my comfort zone once in a while: a few years back I enrolled in a public speaking course and now I’m participating in a improvisation theatre course 😉



Contact me super fast, so we can get to know each other better!

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Sven Soetens